Service Fabric Handbook


This post is a handbook where you probably will find an answer to “How different things works in Azure Service Fabric?” question. Almost all of the information (around 90%) is from docs.microsoft.com, GitHub and etc., the rest of it are personal findings made during development of CoherentSolutions.Extensions.ServiceFabric.Hosting.

Where possible the information will be confirmed by reliable source (docs, issues or posts).

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CoherentSolutions.Extensions.Configuration.AnyWhere Release 1.0.3

The new release of CoherentSolutions.Extensions.Configuration.AnyWherec is here!

The release 1.0.3 is available on NuGet.

The release notes can be found on project version page.

What’s new?

This release includes minor bug-fix, performance improvement and a new configuration adapter for Azure Key Vault.

Interested? Let’s see the details!

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“html-escape” – a contributor’s story about Visual Studio Code extension

Have you ever find yourself typing ‘Escape html online‘ in Google search?

I’ve had 🙂

Recently I got tired of these searches and decided to look for an extension to Visual Studio Code, which I use for writing. This is where I met html-escape by Raymond Camden.

I used it for quite awhile a come up with some ideas of how to make it better. The problem was, these improvements required significant design changes. This has made me decide to start contributing.

In this post I invite you to join me in making these design changes. We will take a look at existing application feature set, get acquainted with some of Visual Studio Code concepts and theory, discuss application requirements, create application design (no architectural diagrams) and then literally implement all existing application features fitting them into our design.

Interested? Then let’s start.

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CoherentSolutions.Extensions.Hosting.ServiceFabric Release v1.4.0

The new version of CoherentSolutions.Extensions.Hosting.ServiceFabric is released!

The version 1.4.0 is available on NuGet.

The release notes can be found on project version page.

What’s new?

This release brings support for configuration of custom implementation of ICommunicationListener.

Let’s see the details!

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Release of CoherentSolutions.Extensions.Configuration.AnyWhere

Today I am announcing the first release of CoherentSolutions.Extensions.Configuration.AnyWhere!

The 1.0.2 version is available on NuGet.

What this project is about?

Writing extensible applications usually requires application to be able to change its behavior without code changes. This is mostly refer to execution of the application in different environment: on developers box, staging and production.

In traditional ASP.NET Core application environment management is handled somehow like this:


The WebHost.CreateDefaultBuilder automatically includes appsettings.json and appsettings.{environment}.json configuration files allowing application to load configuration depending on the environment (the environment value is read from ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT environment variable).

When you need something more sophisticated than different .json configuration file i.e to consume configuration from different configuration sources then traditional approach is to use IHostingEnvironment extension methods like: IsDevelopment, IsStaging or more generically IsEnvironment to configure additional configuration sources during startup:

        (ctx, config) =>
          if (ctx.HostingEnvironment.IsEnvironment("env"))
            // register custom configuration source

While this works we still have strong relationship between our code and environments.

This is the part where CoherentSolutions.Extensions.Configuration.AnyWhere comes in.

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Running Service Fabric Unit-Tests in Linux Container


As you may know (or not) I am working on open-source project that simplifies configuration of Service Fabric Reliable Services in .NET. This project (as I believe almost all projects) has unit-tests and some of these unit-tests use (indirectly) instances of StatefulService and StatelessService classes.

Quite recently (a few month ago) I was configuring continuous integration using AWS CodeBuild. Simple enough I created the following build definition:

  version: 0.2
        - cd src
        - dotnet restore
        - dotnet build -c Release --no-restore
        - dotnet test -c Test --no-restore --no-build

… and used aws/codebuild/dot-net:core-2.0 image on Linux as build environment.

Unfortunately the first build ended with the the following exception:

The type initializer for ‘System.Fabric.Common.AppTrace’ threw an exception.
Unable to load shared library ‘libFabricCommon.so’ or one of its dependencies. In order to help diagnose loading problems, consider setting the LD_DEBUG environment variable: liblibFabricCommon.so.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.

The solution was found but this was a long journey…

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