This page contains links (with short descriptions, usually copied from the video description) to my conference presentations I was able to find online (new appears on top).


[Oct 6, 2021] (English)
Oleg Karasik – Making fun with parallelism in .NET
In this presentation I am going to talk about parallelism, concurrency, multi-threading and asynchronous execution. I’ll explain what they are about and how this knowledge can be applied in development. I will also going to describe and demonstrate (with small working examples) common parallel programming models (such as independent parallelism or synchronous parallelism) and well-known parallel programming paradigms (such as divide and conquer or speculative parallelism).

[Aug 7, 2021] (Russian)
Project Tye to Tie .NET Microservices
In this talk, I will explain and show how you can simplify (and maybe even speed up) the development of modern .NET applications based on micro-service architecture and aimed at deployment in Kubernetes. We will also talk about a young and promising Tye project from Microsoft. We will look at what the Tye project is and how it simplifies the development process, both with examples from several .NET microservices and with more complex examples that involve interaction with external services.

[Aug 7, 2020] (Russian)
Oleg Karasik, Bugs?! Where do they come from?
This session is about bugs and where do they come from, about what we, as developers, can (and should) do. In this session we will take a look at a few simple, but yet representative, examples of application bugs. We will see how these bugs were made and what developers usually do to prevent them. Besides examples, in this session we will see usage of different concepts which help to prevent both simple and tricky bugs. Despite, all examples are done in C# on .NET, demonstrated concepts and approaches can be extrapolated to any strongly-typed, object-oriented language.

[Sep 26, 2018] (Russian)
Введение в Azure Service Fabric
В этом докладе Олег рассказал о том, что такое Azure Service Fabric. Он рассмотрел базовые концепции (Cluster, Application, Service), принципы и модели (Reliable Service, Guest Executable и Container), которые определяют основные механизмы работы приложений в Service Fabric.


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