.NET R&D Digest (September, 2021)

Today is the first day of October and by a share coincidence, today is Friday. Could you imagine a better day for a new issues of .NET R&D Digest? I can’t 🙂

This issues contains bits of software development, diagnostics, learning, DevOps and of course a lot of .NET (why wouldn’t it?)

Have a nice read and have a great weekend!

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Using secrets in Azure Container Instances


At work I am involved in one of our internal project development. This project is a relatively small (less than 30 pages) ASP.NET Core 3.1 Razor Pages application. From it’s first days application is hosted in Azure using Azure Container Instance, Azure SQL Database and Azure Key Vault (continues integration and deployment pipelines are powered by Azure DevOps).

There is nothing special in such setup, however as it happens with setups of this kind, there is one thing that has to be managed prior to implementing it – “How to securely pass secrets to Azure Container Instances and securely read secrets stored in Azure Key Vault (ex. read database connection string) from within Azure Container Instances?”

Finding the answer was my responsibility, so I have created a dummy project and dived into Azure documentation. This post contains results of my findings composed, as I hope, in easy and understandable format.

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