.NET R&D Digest (July, 2022)

2/3 or summer has been completed but there is still a plenty of time left to get some rest and read (or watch) something interesting, exciting and good for your career. Where to find those? Well…, all of these and more, you can find right here – in .NET R&D Digest.

This issue of .NET R&D Digest includes bits of career development, software architecture, patterns, web, testing, diagnostics, history, fun and of course – .NET. This time there are both – something to watch and read.

Have a nice read!

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.NET R&D Digest (March, 2022)

The first quarter of 2022 is out. .NET 5 is going to reach its end of life next month and in November, as usual, we are expecting a new, much powerful version – .NET 7. Looks like .NET world is constantly changing, that is why it is so important to remember how it all started.

This time, the new issue of .NET R&D Digest includes bits of nostalgia, history, computer science, software development, .NET, Windows, Security and a few stories.

Have a great read!

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