.NET R&D Digest (April, 2021)

Today is the last day of April which is also turned out to be a Friday, and, what is always nice to have before weekend? – something to read! πŸ˜Š So, here is a new issue of .NET R&D Digest, just for that!

This issue contains bits of computer science, operating systems, security, performance, diagnostics, CSS, .NET and interesting tools to explore.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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.NET R&D Digest (February, 2021)

Hello Everyone,

The first day of spring is here! So it is time for a new issue of .NET R&D Digest!

A fun fact is that I first started to publish this digest internally within the company and it’s internal number is #24, so it is been two years since the first digest issue 😊

This issue contains bits of Life & Story, Architecture, .NET, .NET Internals, C# and tools.

Enjoy your reading!

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.NET R&D Digest (December, 2020)

2020 is ending. It was a long and tough year for everyone. However, in world of software engineering it also was a quite interesting one – we saw how a plan become true (at least in .NET world, where Mono and .NET now share the same repo and .NET 5 was released as promised), we attended a lot of online events, online trainings and spent tons of time on self-education and we also read … .NET R&D Digest πŸ™‚

This issue contains bits of Visual Studio, .NET, web, databases, cloud, and software engineering.

Enjoy and see you next year!

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.NET R&D Digest (August, 2020)

The summer is over! 😦 But as Monday starts a new week (at least here in Belarus), September starts a Fall, where according to schedules, we can expect many new releases and events, so stay tuned!

This issue (August 2020) might seem smaller than usual but this isn’t entirely true … because 40% of it are pair posts or series! Which gives us not 10 but 21 positions in overall 😊

This issue includes bits of .NET, quantum computing, computer science, Visual Studio and PowerShell.

Have a great read!

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